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A Discord for the Roughnecks group of guilds and website support.

Come here for some theorycrafting, meme wars and just general lols.


We are one of the founding members of this awesome community
Over 60+ guilds mostly HAAT.

Great creators of content and general awesomeness.

SWGOH Academy

A great place for new players, level 30-70.

You will get support from experienced members of various elite guilds. To help you become the best and ready for endgame

Make SWGOH Great Again

This is a discord for Guild Leaders and 1 representitive.

The power of lots of guilds is used to help shape the game for the better.

The Mercs

A Great HAAT Support Server

You can find elite mercs to step in and help you get haat down.

Awesome team and haat advice.

La Resistance

Everything you can possibly want to know about resistance.

From mods and stats to aim for. To arena and raid advice.


Nerfherders, Awesome experienced players and streamers.

For good laughs while hearing all the theorycrafting on the game, Join here.

Reality Skewed Gamers

Great Streamers who take the time to offer worthwhile roster reviews

For great information, not just on new metas, Join here.

Does your Discord serve the community and offer players help and advice?
Jump into the roughnecks discord and ask Gorsy to have it added