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Welcome to the Roughnecks.

Elite Raiding, TB and TW Guilds.

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Latest Website News

New Tool Added
Sith Raid T6
We have started populating squads that can hit 1 mil + in the sith T6 raid. This is a work in progress and more teams will be added as they become available

New Tool Added
Mod Tool
View all your mods and sort through them to find the mods you need!

Information Sections

I have started adding a brief information section to each part of the site to allow people to understand how they work
These tools were designed for our guilds, but we open them up to other communities.

Several bug fixes and improvements have been added some pages.

Interested in Joining an Elite Guild?

Tired of guilds making the game to time consuming?
Underacheiving or poorly led?

We create tools to pre plan everything using code and maths. That way we can make things very easy to do, while still acheiving the maximum results.

600 Tickets
T6 Sith Raid Farming
Full TW/TB Participation
1.5 mil GP+

600 tickets T5 Sith Raid Farming
Full TB/TW Participation
1.2 Mil GP +

Beta/Kappa (Training/Casual Guild)
800/500k GP
400 Tickets Per Day

Low level academy available for sub 85s
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